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Contribution of the United Nations Environment Programme to the seventh session of the Commission on sustainable Development

The Governing Council.

Recalling that, in accordance with the multi-year Programme of work for the Commission on sustainable Development for the period 1998-2002, oceans will be the spectral theme for the Commission’s seventh session, in 1999, while the economic sector/major group for discussion at the session will be tourism.

Recalling also that the Programme for the Further Implementation of Agenda 21, adopted by the General Assembly at its nineteenth special session, calls on the United Nations Environment Programme to continue providing support to the Commission on Sustainable Development, inter alia, in the form of scientific, technical and policy information and analysis of and advice of global environmental issues, 10/

Requests the Executive Director to consult with Member States particularly developing countries, both individually and in regional and sub regional grouping, on environmental aspects of oceans management, including the problems of the sustainable development of small island developing states, and sustainable tourism, and , on the basis of these consultations, to prepare reports for the consideration of the High-level Committee of Ministers and Officials and the Governing Council at its twentieth session, with a view to submitting the reports as a contribution to the work of the Commission on sustainable Development at its seventh session.

7th Meeting

22 May 1998