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Environmental law (decision 12/14)

78. The Committee of the Whole recommended for adoption by the Governing council a draft decision suggested by the Chairman, incorporating as section I a draft decision on the protection of the ozone layer, submitted by the Western European and Others Group, which was described by the sponsors as a compromise between those seeking the earliest possible adoption of the convention and those that wished for complete elaboration of a protocol concerning chlorofluorocarbons to be ready for adoption at the same time as the convention. It was understanding of all the sponsors that the protocol would be optional, i.e. that it would not be a requirement of signing and ratifying the convention that a party to it should also sign and ratify the protocol. The Assistant layer section of the draft decision would have no t already budgeted for.

79. one representative expressed a preference for taking note of rather than adopting, the Provisional Notification Scheme for Banned and Severely Restricted Chemicals referred to in section II, as the matter was still being discussed in his country. The Assistant Executive Director stated that-the additional costs of operating the scheme for the International Register. of Potentially Toxic Chemicals (IRPTC) were estimated at $60,000 a year.

80. On section III, concerning the Working Group of Experts on Environmental Law, the representative of Greece suggested that the Council should:

"Take note that a more equitable geographical representation should be encouraged in the work of the Working Group of Experts on Environmental Law and request the Executive Director to take whatever action he may deem necessary'.

81. A draft decision on the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals submitted by the Western European and Others Group was incorporated in the decision as section IV. The Assistant Executive Director said that the provision by UNEP of secretariat services for the Convention might take the form of one Professional post, one General Service post, travel and certain running costs, up to a total of $100,000, to be financed out of the Fund programme reserve.