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Reform of the Information Service (decision 12/15)

82. The Committee approved a draft decision suggested by the Chairman, as amended by the representatives of Austria, the Ivory Coast and the Ukrainian SSR.

83. The Assistant Executive Director in the Office of the Environment Fund and Administration stated the Executive Director's interpretation that the word "periodic" in paragraph 3 meant at least every two years. The, Committee agreed to that interpretation.

84. Additionally, the Assistant Executive Director stated that the Executive Director did not believe a newsletter could be a replacement for Mazingira, which should not be considered as a flagship publication. one representative said that the decision whether or not a new flagship publication was needed should be taken in the light of experience in the future development of the newsletter, while another said that the new Chief of the Information Service should be left to develop his publication strategy.

85. one representative requested the Executive Director, in view of the need for an environmental journal, to prepare and submit to the Governing council at its thirteenth session a report on this matter.

86. The Assistant Executive Director said the financial implications of including in the newsletter national news on environmental conservation would be about $30,000 per year, which bad not been budgeted for.

87. In plenary, the draft decision was adopted by consensus. The Council confirmed the understanding of the Executive Director that paragraph 8 referred to the discontinuance of financial support for Mazingira.