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Rule 59

The Governing Council may establish such sessional committees; working parties and subsidiary organs as may be necessary for the effective discharge of its functions.

Session committees and working parties

Rule 60

1. At each session, the Governing Council may set up sessional committees and working parties, from among its members, and refer to them any questions on the agenda for study and report.

2. The sessional committees and working parties may set up sub- committees and sub-groups of working parties. The member of such sub-committees and sub-groups of working parties shall be nominated by the committee or working party concerned.

3. The provisions of rules 31 to 58 of these rules of procedure shall be applied as appropriate in the proceedings of the sessional committees, working parties and any sub-committees or sub-groups set up by them.

Rule 61

Each sessional committee or working party shall elect its own officers, unless otherwise decided by the Governing Council. In electing its officer each sessional committee or working party shall have due regard to the principle of equitable geographical representation.

Subsidiary organs of the Governing Council and expert groups

Rule 62

1. The Governing Council may establish such subsidiary Organs on a permanent or ad hoc basis as may be necessary for the effective d discharge of its functions and, as required, expert groups to consider specific problems and make recommendations.

2. Any State Member of the United Nations or member of a specialized agency of the International Atomic Energy Agency or the International Atomic Energy Agency, whether or of that state is a member of the Governing Council, may become a member of any subsidiary organ of the Governing Council. In determining the size of the subsidiary organs and electing their members, the Governing Council shall take fully into account the desirability of including in the membership of these bodies States with a special interest in the subject-matter to be dealt with by them, as well as the need to ensure equitable geographical distribution.

3. The rules of procedure of subsidiary organs shall be those of the Governing Council, as appropriate, subject to such modifications as the Governing Council may decide upon in the light of proposals by the subsidiary organs concerned. Each subsidiary organ shall elect its own officers.

4. Each subsidiary organ, taking into consideration the date of the regular session of the Governing Council and bearing in mind the items referred to it by the Governing Council, may adopt its own priorities within the framework of the work Programme established by the Governing Council and, in consultation with the Executive Director, meet as may be necessary.