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1. As decided by the Council at the 1st meeting of the session (see chapter I, paragraphs 18-21, above), agenda item 5 was initially discussed in the Committee of the Whole and then taken up in plenary meetings.

2. In considering the agenda item, the Council had before it the following documentation: the report of the Executive Director on the contribution by UNEP to the special session of the General Assembly in 1997 (UNEP/GC.19/30 and Add.1); the report of the Executive Director on the Global Environment Outlook (UNEP/GC.19/26); the report of the Executive Director on the review of the governing structures of UNEP (UNEP/GC.19/10); the note by the Executive Director on ensuring adequate and predictable financing of UNEP: a challenge to Governments (UNEP/GC.19/INF.10 (English only)); and the report of the Executive Director on estimates of costs for UNEP to implement fully those parts of Agenda 21 recommended for its attention (UNEP/GC.19/20).

3. It also had before it a draft decision on estimates of costs to UNEP to fully implement those parts of Agenda 21 recommended for its attention, contained in the compilation of suggestions regarding drafts decisions that had been considered by the Drafting Group of the Committee of Permanent Representatives (UNEP/GC.19/L.23, draft decision IV).

4. The item was taken up initially by the Committee of the Whole at its 7th meeting on 31 January 1997, in conjunction with agenda item 4 (d) (see chapter III, paragraph 0 above).

5. At the 10th meeting of the Committee, on 3 February, the representatives of Colombia (on behalf of the Group of 77 and China) and the Netherlands (on behalf of the European Union) said that they intended to submit position papers on the future role of the United Nations Environment Programme.

6. At the same meeting, the Committee also heard a statement under the item from the representative of the World Meteorological Organization.

7. At its 11th meeting, on 3 February, the Committee heard statements under this item from the representatives of India, the Netherlands (on behalf of the European Union), the Republic of Korea, and the Russian Federation. These statements concluded the general debate under this item in the Committee of the Whole.

8. The Chairman's summary of the discussion in the Committee under agenda item 5, as adopted by the Committee, is contained in annex III to the present proceedings.

9. At its 11th and 13th meetings, on 3 and 4 February, the Committee considered draft decisions submitted under this item, together with the relevant background documentation.

Action by the Council

10. At its 7th meeting, on 7 February 1997, the Council proceeded to consider and adopt the Nairobi Declaration on the Role and Mandate of the United Nations Environment Programme, as contained in decision 19/1.

11. In addition, and on the recommendation of the Committee of the Whole, the Council, at its 8th meeting, also on 7 February 1997, adopted the following other decisions under this item: decisions 19/2 and 19/5. The text of those decisions is contained in annex I to the present proceedings and the process of adoption, including any comments made at the time, is recorded in chapter II above.