GEO-5 Assessment Report - Final Version Release

Please be advised, that the advance copy of the GEO-5 assessment report released on 6 June 2012 has now been replaced with the final version posted on 31 July 2012. The main difference is the inclusion of a full index and some minor corrections. Users are encouraged to download the full final version. For a list of corrections please contact


GEO-5 at Rio+20

[GEO-5: Key Conclusions and their Relation to the Outcome Document] and [Progress, Barriers and Requirements for Meeting Environmental Goals]


Intergovernmental Meeting on the GEO-5 Summary for Policy Makers

Intergovernmental Meeting on the GEO-5 Summary for Policy Makers, Republic of Korea, 29 January - 31 January 2012.
For documentation click here.


Review of Draft 2

Government and scientific review of Draft 2 began on 26th September and will run for a month

Second Production and Author's Meeting

GEO-5 Second Production and Author's Meeting took place in Bangkok, Thailand, from 5th - 8th September 2011. Documentation available here.


Review of Draft 1

The Secretariat invites governments and all other stakeholders to review Draft 1 of GEO-5.
The Review process begins on 6 June and will run till 11 July 2011. The draft chapters will be made available on a password protected wiki.

We have invited a wide range of multi-stakeholders to review the drafts. If you have not yet received your invitation and would like to review one or more GEO-5 chapters, please contact us at (providing us with your name, affiliation, area of expertise) and we will be pleased to have you participate in the review.

If you have questions for our GEO-5 authors or the Secretariat, visit our Ask A Question section.


UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD 19)

See UNEP's participation in CSD 19, Click here

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The Data and Indicators Working Group

The working group met in March. To see their Terms of Reference and a list of the members of the group, click here

Internal Review of GE0-5 Draft 0

UNEP conducted an internal review of GEO-5 draft 0 in April. Comments have been sent to authors and draft 1 is expected by the end of May 2011.

The Science and Policy Board

The GEO-5 Science and Policy Board is a key Advisory body to the process. To find out who the members of the Board are and to see the Science and Policy guidelines they have provided to authors, Click here

First Production and Author's Meeting

The First Production and Author's meeting is scheduled to take place in Cairo, Egypt from 8 - 11 November 2010. It is being organized with our GEO Collaborating Center, The Center for Environment and Development for the Arab region and Europe (CEDARE).

Documentation for the meeting will be made available on the GEO Meetings page.

Regional consultations on GEO-5

Regional consultations were organized for each UNEP region to provide an opportunity for a diverse range of stakeholders to participate in the assessment. Participants selected priority environmental issues/challenges, related internationally agreed goals and discussed relevant policy options to help speed up the realization of meeting these goals.

For more details, visit our GEO-5 Meetings Page and follow IISD Reporting Services coverage.  

The Nomination Process and selection of experts

An on-line Nomination Process for GEO-5 enabled governments and other stakeholders to nominate experts for various groups. Selection of experts was made by UNEP, taking into account gender, geographical and disciplinary balance.

See Selected experts page.

Meeting of the High Level Intergovernmental Panel

This group was established in June 2010 and met in Glion, Switzerland to agree on the internationally agreed goals that would be used in the GEO-5 assessment.

The meeting report with the list of goals is available here.  

Design of the assessment

The Scope, Objectives and Process of the Fifth Global Environment Outlook Report (GEO-5) have been agreed to at a Global Intergovernmental and Multi-stakeholder Consultation, held in March 2010.

The conclusions of the consultation, set out in a Statement , provide the basis for the conduct of the assessment.