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Khatun’s Green RevengeKhatun’s Green Revenge

Cleaning the environment and securing a sustainable future for the planet can create millions of green jobs.  In India the Self Employed Women’s Association - SEWA - has brought together over a million women toiling in the informal sector and is already putting into practice each and every element of a sustainable green economy.

Towards a low- carbon future DebateTowards a low- carbon future Debate

Making the climate case neutral to the public.

Towards a Global Green New DealTowards a Global Green New Deal

Environmentally-focused investment historic is an opportunity for 21st Century prosperity and job generation. Mobilizing and re-focusing the global economy towards investments in clean technologies and ’natural’ infrastructure such as forests and soils is the best bet for real growth, combating climate change and triggering an employment boom in the 21st century.