IEA Training Manual - Module 7 - Exercises


Improve visual presentation

Working in small groups (2-3 people) the task of participants is to improve the visual presentation of a simple data set provided by the facilitators. This exercise is best done with one computer per group. If that is not feasible, the exercise can be conducted with pens and paper. Following the two examples below, participants should improve graphical presentation through:

  • Choosing the best representation (bars, columns, points or lines). For example, if the subject concerns volume (cubic metres), the preferred choice may be bars.
  • Harmonizing font and size through all graphics. For example, considering that the font size describes the priority of the information displayed, font size should differ among title, legends and measurements.
  • Harmonizing colours of the graphic (i.e., bars, columns, points, lines, background, gridlines). For example, associating colours with themes, choosing contrasts and other visual elements, as needed.
  • Delete all unnecessary information that “pollutes” the presentation. For example, gridlines, chart borders and other elements are often used without considering their impact on visual clarity.

The duration of the exercise is about 1 hour, after which all groups present results of their work in plenary, and explain their choices for visual presentation.


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