IEA Training Manual - Module 8 - Exercises

Exercise 8.4.3

Preparation of a Self-Assessment Matrix

The purpose of this exercise is to gain experience in identifying major issues and questions, and developing specific measures relating to both outcomes and activities/outputs.

In plenary, complete Table 5 relating to outcomes by identifying specific measures for the key issues and questions outlined in the table. Also in plenary, discuss and establish targets for each measure and identify data sources and data collection methods. (Time: ~ 40 minutes.)

In plenary, begin work on completing Table 6 relating to activities and outputs by reviewing the stages of your IEA process (drawing on exercises completed in Module 2). Assign a group to each stage. Each group is tasked with identifying specific measures for their stage which deal with timely completion of activities/outputs as well as effective knowledge and opportunity management (using Tables 2 through 4 and Figure 6 as guidance if necessary). (Time: ~ 45 minutes.)

Meet again in plenary to share the results for your stage with the group. As a group, prioritize the measures you developed in Tables 5 and 6. How many of these measures do you think your IEA team will have capacity to monitor and evaluate? (Time: ~ 15 minutes.)
The collection of self-assessment matrices for each stage will provide a good start for the actual matrix needed for your national IEA process.
Total time: ~ 90 minutes.


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