IEA Training Manual - Module 8

1. Introduction

In Section 1, you will learn about the basic definitions and terminology used in this module. Examples from national, regional and global levels will support the rationale for monitoring and evaluation with a national IEA based on the GEO approach.


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- - 19 Oct 2013
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- - 07 Jul 2012
I am glad there is someone with the kohonww and vision to want to rconstruct the nations railroads. It is obvious to anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of physics or engineering that railroads are the most efficient means of hauling cargo over land. So why is it that the federal government is seeding the potentially environmentally disasterous idea of the trans-Texas Superhighway which is eventually intended to run from the gulf ports of Mexico all the way to Canada ? There is a desire to secure a 10 mile wide swath of land across Texas. There will be seperate lanes for trucks and cars and parallel railroads in addition to other stuff I am not yet sure about. I personally know a rancher in Texas that has been called to a meeting about this and it has got him worried. An estimated 1,000,000 people could be ejected from their property and over 500,000 acres of productive farmland will be removed. My study of this situation indicates that the reason for the emphasis on highway transport has to do with the fact that certain people in the Bush administration are high officials in the American trucking association. The entire operation is being run by a SPANISH company, supposedly because they were the only ones to promise the state of Texas that they would assume no risk in the project. This NAFTA Superhighway will eventually form the primary artery of the planned North American Union in which Canada and Mexico will be merged with the U.S. in a single entity. As far as I am concerned, this entire project has been concieved by neocon crooks and liars for the benefit of them and their bretheren.I sort of like Canada and am not too opposed to Mexico, but I am an American and I intend to stay that way. This project needs to be killed, pronto. If people start losing their land in Texas and eventually Oklahoma, Kansas and other states, things are going to get very ugly. What are Mike Ruppert's ideas on this ?