IEA Training Manual - Module 8

2.2 Users

The users of an IEA-type evaluation are individuals who:

  • can revise the IEA process: have the mandate, knowledge and skills; and
  • want to revise the IEA process: have a vested interest in influencing the design and implementation of the IEA process.

Identifying the users is perhaps the single most important step for getting the evaluation utilized. If you know who the users are, what decisions they have to make, and how the evaluation results can support their decisions, you can attract the users’ attention and increase the uptake of evaluation results.

The primary users of the evaluation may include:

  • IEA core team (may include policy-makers);
  • policy and decision-makers in the broad sense (the primary users of the IEA); and
  • the evaluation team (internal and/or external).

The IEA core team (Module 2) often includes policy-makers; some of them are active and demand information, while others tend to be passive and pleased to be informed whenever information is available. The more active they are, the more interested they may be in your evaluation.

Often, the success of the entire IEA process depends on a single person in the government who is committed and driven. Involvement of this individual in the core group (the group that is the primary user of the monitoring and evaluation), is critical (Exercise 2).

See Exercise 8.2.2


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