IEA Training Manual - Module 8

2.3 Evaluators

The purpose and the users of your evaluation will shape your preference for internal or external evaluators. A combination of internal and external evaluators is the ideal solution, as it benefits from the dedication and insight of internal members, and the impartial objectivity of external observers and peer reviewers.

Evaluators may include:

  • A small internal evaluation task force (including the IEA core team, which is recommended).
  • External evaluators (consultants and internal evaluators of another IEA).
  • A combination of internal and external parties.

In reality, ministries are often chronically understaffed or challenged by lack of capacity, and forced to use external evaluators. In this case, regular contacts between the external evaluator(s) and the IEA core team are essential throughout the IEA cycle.
Evaluators are selected by the IEA core team. They should have a good understanding of the IEA process, its intended impact and societal contexts. (Exercise 4.)

See Exercise 8.2.3


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