IEA Training Manual - Module 8

3.2 Framework

To design a monitoring and evaluating plan for your national IEA process, you must first develop a basic conceptual understanding of how the activities and outputs are linked with intended outcomes and impacts. Figure 4 provides such a conceptualization. As illustrated, the intended outcomes of an IEA process are the changes in the thinking and actions of policy-makers that can bring about improvements in policies and policy making processes, which, in turn, can result in environmental improvements. The ultimate goal is to maintain and enhance the health of ecosystems and the well-being of people.

Discussion Question 2

Figure 4: Conceptual Understanding
of the National IEA Process, With
Links to Ecosystem Health and
Human Well-Being

As a manager you know that you manage what you measure. What should you be keeping track of in your IEA process to manage it for the intended outcomes?

Given the limited time and resources available, it is crucial to be strategic in your efforts. The framework (Figure 5) represents one possible way to focus your evaluation and is based on the impact strategy framework from Module 3. This framework focuses on the extent to which the IEA process is effective in improving policies and policy making processes. With the goal of effectiveness, this framework requires that your monitoring and evaluation efforts go beyond the IEA report production cycle, to take a longer perspective and make a longer-term commitment.

Figure 5: Framework for Monitoring and Evaluating the National IEA Process


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