IEA Training Manual - Module 8

3.3.2 Outcome-based Measures for Effective Relationship Management

Relationships among people jointly processing and communicating ideas are what initiate change.

Module 3 called for identifying those persons or groups of persons who are in positions to make the decision or to effect the changes you desire. While these persons could be considered a primary audience of an IEA, the people who lean in to whisper advice into the ears of the policy and decision-makers are also an important target audience with whom to build relationships.

Other important relationships to manage include people in civil society who can bring pressure to bear on decision-makers; those who can support, reinforce and strengthen your recommendations, in particular the academic community and other research institutes; and the media, through whom you reach the public and influence decision-makers.
Possible measures to monitor and evaluate for effective relationship management include the following (Table 2).

Table 2: Possible Measures for Effective Relationship Management

Key Question Possible Measures Possible Targets
Have key decision makers and potential influencers been identified? Number of key persons identified for each
relationship group, including specific names from
each of the potential audience categories identified.
At least one key name per
sector and discipline.
  Types of Receiving behaviour observed (see Module 3). Such as:  •Number of decision-makers as subscribers
(individuals and organizations) to listserve/
e-mail newsletter.
•Receive and request SoE reports.
•Cell phone text messages.
•Number of PDF files downloaded from the
national IEA website.
Types of Seeking behaviour observed (see
Module 3). Such as:
•Keywords entered into search engines of the
national IEA website by decision-makers.
•Number of targeted users (key decision
makers) attending new types of meetings and
using IEA vocabulary in interviews with media.
(Policy-makers get IEA messages from media.)
Types of Acting behaviour observed (see
Module 3). Such as:
•Number of times IEA technical experts are
contacted by decision-makers for consultation
on budgeted activities.
Types of Demanding behaviour observed (see
Module 3). Such as:
•Number of cases targeted users (i.e., decision
makers) contact national IEA leaders to request
new information or process changes to be
included in the next IEA cycle.
For each target actor, clarify the
•What behaviour would you
expect to see from this person(s)
•What behaviour would you
like to see?
•What behaviour would you
love to see?
[based on Outcome Mapping
approach (Carden et al. 2001)]

Discussion Questions 3

1.    Can you think of any other important measures of effective relationship management?
2.    What reasonable targets would you recommend for various measures?


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