IEA Training Manual - Module 8

3.3.3 Activity- and Output-based Measures for Effective Knowledge Management

The Impact Strategy (Module 3) challenges the national IEA process to generate knowledge that is needed by policy-makers and decision-makers to improve policies and policy making processes in order to maintain and enhance the health of ecosystems and the well-being of people. Experience with integrated environmental assessments done with this purpose in mind includes an integrated analysis of environmental trends and policies (Module 5), and an analysis of potential future scenarios for the emergence of these and other trends and policies (Module 6).

As noted earlier, extensive research by evaluation and social learning experts shows that the knowledge generated by an IEA-type process must be salient, credible and legitimate in order to be effective, and to be used. Based on this understanding, measures of effective knowledge management could include (Table 3):

Table 3: Possible Measures for Effective Knowledge Management

Key Question Possible Measures Possible Targets
Is the information and analysis salient for decision-makers? Views of decision-makers on what they feel/think the key issues are.

The types and forms of information decision-
makers require have been made available
Responses from at least five decision-makers.
Is the information and
analysis credible?
Peer reviewers have been identified.

Data and analysis have been peer reviewed.
Responses received from at least three peer reviewers.
Is the information and
analysis produced
Stakeholder analysis has been carried out.

Relevant stakeholder groups have participated in identification of priority
environmental issues.

Relevant stakeholder groups have had an opportunity to comment on the findings of
the analysis.
Stakeholder analysis completed.

Participation from as many stakeholder groups as possible.

Comments received from most stakeholder groups identified.

Discussion Questions 4

  1. Can you think of important measures of effective knowledge management that are not identified in the table above?
  2. Which measures do you feel are the most important?
  3. What do you think are reasonable targets for the measures you identified?


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