IEA Training Manual - Module 8

3.3.4 Activity- and Output-based Measures for Effective Opportunity Management

The Impact Strategy (Module 3) challenges the IEA process to leverage opportunities for getting the information and knowledge generated in your integrated environmental assessment into the hands of those persons in a position to influence improvements in policy and policy processes.

Based on this understanding, measures of effective opportunity management could include (Table 4):

Table 4: Possible Measures for Effective Opportunity Management

Key Question Possible Measures Possible Targets
Are appropriately different outputs planned for targeting specific stakeholder groups? Number and type of unique communication
outputs for each stakeholder/audience
At least one each.
Have interim products
been developed?
Decision-makers have been briefed on analyses being conducted and interim results. At least at the beginning, and midway through the process. (Best if they are part of the analysis process.)
Have you communicated regularly
with your stakeholders?
A scenario exercise is being conducted as part of the IEA (Module 6).

Key stakeholders and target audiences are involved in the scenario analysis.

Positive feedback has been received from stakeholders on the scenario analysis process.
At least a qualitative analysis is carried out.

Number of stakeholder groups represented.

All stakeholder groups have been part of the analysis in some manner.

Discussion Questions 5

  1. Can you think of important measures of effective opportunity management not included in the table above?
  2. Which measures do you think are most important?
  3. What do you think are reasonable targets for the measures you identified?


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