IEA Training Manual - Module 8

4. Planning a Self-Assessment

Having been equipped with all you need to develop your monitoring and evaluation plan, in Section 4 you will design a self-assessment matrix, your key tool for monitoring and evaluating the IEA process.

Internally-conducted monitoring and evaluation (i.e., self-assessment) as recommended in Section 2.2 requires planning. The International Development Research Centre (Lusthaus and others 1999) recommended a number of important aspects for planning your self-assessment, such as:

  • issues for self-assessment;
  • measures that will help you answer questions you have about various organizational and performance issues;
  • data sources to answer these questions;
  • methods of data collection best suited to your questions, realities and constraints; and
  • priorities and frequency for checking progress.

Below are three recommended steps for self-assessment that you could follow.

Step 1. Identify major issues and monitoring questions, and develop specific measures.
Step 2. Identify sources of data and data collection methods.
Step 3. Set priorities and frequency of monitoring.


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