IEA Training Manual - Module 8

4.3 Step 3. Set Priorities and Frequency of Monitoring and Evaluation

Priority setting is a key consideration in finalizing a self-assessment matrix. Given resource and time constraints that are inherent in most national IEA processes, it will not be possible to monitor and evaluate everything that is considered relevant. Therefore, indicators that are identified for monitoring should be prioritized so that as resource constraints change, you can be assured that critical indicators will be monitored.

In addition to identifying monitoring priorities, establishing the frequency of monitoring for each indicator, and the person responsible for that stage will help to clarify the level of effort required. Process indicators typically will need to be monitored throughout the national IEA cycle on a frequency necessary for effective project management. Indicators for monitoring progress toward the impact strategy, while requiring less regular and frequent monitoring, require monitoring for several years after the national IEA report and other outputs have been disseminated. This is because it often takes many years for new information to influence policies in ways that are visible and attributable.

See Exercise 8.4.3


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