IEA Training Manual - Module 8

5. Improvement Opportunities

In this section you will learn how you can harness monitoring and evaluation in a learning process to improve the effectiveness of your national IEA process.

Thinking of an IEA as a capacity-building process helps increase its impact. The more monitoring and evaluation is treated as an organizational learning opportunity (versus a value judgment), the more effectively the IEA supports improvement in policy making and eventually human well-being.

The following evaluation steps show how a conscious learning approach can improve the IEA process:

  • Formulate your change statement (Module 3).
  • Identify measures for your change statement and other supporting measures for key outcomes and activities/outputs (your self-assessment matrices, Tables 5 and 6).
  • Examine performance against making the desired changes and summarize results.
  • Formulate lessons learned and recommendations.
  • Integrate (feed back) recommendations to improve the next planning cycle.

One of the challenges is that learning is often not part of the daily vocabulary and thinking of managers and policy-makers, even when concepts like knowledge society and knowledge economy are quoted as desirable. Often, you will have to counter an attitude such as: “As a manager, a policy-maker, I am paid to know, not to learn.” Learning is hard to sell unless it is coupled with professional, social and/or political rewards. High-level, multi-sectoral networking opportunities and political visibility constitute such rewards.


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YOU KNOW, I wish I'd remember this while working on this! You are completely right. It is fascinating behavior; I admire it.
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