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Notification to the Contracting Parties, partners, experts and other organizations on the implementation of a new Enterprise Resource Planning (UMOJA)


Umoja is an administrative reform initiative designed to help UN operate more effectively by integrating and streamlining business processes that manage financial, human and physical resources within a single global solution for the entire secretariat. Umoja will provide a harmonized and streamlined approach to the following core organizational functions: Finance and Budget Management, Human Resources Management (Workforce Management, Organizational Management, Travel Management and Payroll), Programme & Project Management, Supply Chain / Procurement / Logistics Management, Central Support Services and Travel Management.

Prior to the deployment, there is a scheduled blackout period during the last two weeks of May 2015. During this time, no financial transactions will be possible. Both before and after this period, there may be disruptions and delays in the processing of travel, drafting of contracts, processing of payments and other functions which may affect the Parties, implementing partners, experts and other organizations that the Secretariat deal with. As a consequence, and to avoid any possible disruptions during the 8th Conference of Parties Meeting for the Nairobi Convention (COP8), we have requested the UNDP office in Mauritius and Seychelles and the Government of Seychelles to provide back-up support to all  those partners, and participants that have been invited to the COP8 in the Seychelles from 16-24 June, 2015.

Therefore, the Secretariat would like to thank the Contracting Parties, partners, experts and other organizations in advance for their patience and understanding during the introduction of Umoja.

For any queries or clarification, kindly contact the Secretariat at: NairobiConvention@unep.org