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The United Nations Environment Programme welcomes you to Nairobi, Kenya for the Regional Workshop on coral reefs, climate change and management interventions in the Western Indian Ocean. The regional workshop is being hosted by the Nairobi Convention Secretariat, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA). This information document provides details related to conference venue, transport, hotel reservations, presentations and documentations. The delegates are kindly requested to take note of the same.

1. Venue

The Coral Reef Taskforce workshop on “Coral Reefs and Climate Change in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO)” will be held from 8-9 April 2011 at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Headquarters, Conference Room 6 at Gigiri in Nairobi, Kenya. The venue is located about 13Km from Nairobi City’s Central Business District.

2. Hotel reservations

The organizers (Nairobi Convention Secretariat, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA) have made a block booking for delegates at Nairobi Safari Club in the Central Business District of Nairobi situated about 20Km from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. A preferential rate has been agreed with the hotel at US$157 per night on bed and breakfast and daily shuttle to and from the UNEP Complex in Gigiri. The hotel contact person is Ms. Florence Marangu; +254 20 282100; Fax: +254 20 2215137; Mobile: +254 733 604 579 or +254 733 715 987; E-mail: Florencemarangu@nairobisafariclub.com
To ensure accommodation and other logistics are properly reserved, self sponsored participants are requested to provide their complete travel itinerary i.e. arrival/departure date, time and airline by 2 April 2011 to Ms. Joan Kawaka E-mail: jkawaka@wcs.org; with a copy to Ms. Hellen Ojiambo E-mail: Hellen.Ojiambo@unep.org.

3. Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA)
Hotel accommodation has already been paid for all sponsored participants at the Nairobi Safari Club. Sponsored participants will therefore receive 50% DSA.

4. Local transfers
Airport transfers have been arranged for confirmed delegates at a rate of US$20 per person. The service provider will be at the Arrivals lobby holding a board labeled Coral Reef Task Force Meeting. Delegates are required to settle their airport transfer bills directly with the service provider. Hotel- UNEP-Hotel shuttle transfer will be provided daily to participants from the Nairobi
Safari Club Hotel to UNEP at 7.30 a.m. and from UNEP to the hotel at the end of each day’s meeting.

5. Registration of delegates
Delegates are required to register on arrival at the Visitors’ Pavilion. The Registration Desk will be open from 7.30 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. on 8 April, 2011.

6. Badges
Identity badges will be issued to all participants upon registration. For security reasons, all delegates were requested to wear their badges at all times while within the UNON Complex.

7. List of delegates
A print out of the relevant entries for each delegate will be available at the Registration Desk. Delegates are requested to check their entries carefully and to immediately hand in any corrections to the registration desk so that necessary changes can be made by the Secretariat. Delegates are reminded that the final list of participants will be based on information provided by them at the time of Registration.

8. Presentations
Countries with more than one participant presenting, should work together to prepare one presentation and decide between themselves who will present.

9. Documentation
Meeting documents will be distributed to the delegates via email before the dates of the meeting. The documents will also be available at the Nairobi Convention website at http://www.unep.org/NairobiConvention/.

10. Internet Café, Wi-fi
Free Internet access will be available at the Internet Café located at the Upper Concourse in front of the travel agency next to the Central Cafeteria. A Wi-fi facility will also be available in and around the conference area, lounges and meeting rooms.

11. Business Center
The Business Center, located at the Lower Concourse opposite the entrance to the Press Centre, provides services to delegates at a cost. Services available include: photocopying, fax, telephone, copiers, etc.

12. Time Zone
Kenya is GMT + 0300 hours.

13. Visas
Delegates are required to make their own arrangements for issuance of entry visa to Kenya. Delegates should have received invitation letters to enable them process the necessary travel documents. For more information on visa application and categories based on nationality, please visit www.immigration.go.ke. The website provides comprehensive details on immigration services provided by the Department of Immigration of the Republic of Kenya.

14. Health
Delegates are advised to carry their yellow fever vaccination certificate.

15. Weather
Nairobi weather in April is usually rainy and normal Temperatures range from 20oC to 23oC

16. Official Language
The official languages of the Republic of Kenya are Kiswahili and English. Kiswahili is the national language while English is the business language. Kenyans speak other local languages as well.

17. Currency, credit cards and banks
The official currency of the Republic of Kenya is the Kenya Shilling (KSh). The current exchange rate vis-à-vis the two main international currencies is approximately KShs. 84 for one US dollar. .Delegates may obtain local currency at foreign exchange bureaus or in local banks. Visa and Master Credit Cards are widely accepted in major hotels and establishments. However, delegates will need cash for transactions in local shops and supermarkets.

For further information regarding the meeting, please contact

The Nairobi Convention Secretariat
Division of Environmental Policy Implementation, UNEP,
P.O. Box 30552, Nairobi, Kenya,
Tel: +254-20-762 2025/1250/5730/1636/1270/4288/3529/3439,
Fax: +254-20-762 3203
Website: www.unep.org/NairobiConvention
Email: NairobiConvention@unep.org, Dixon.Waruinge@unep.org