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Coral reef task force workshop on
" Coral reefs and Climate change in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO)"

8-9 April, 2011
Nairobi, Kenya

The Nairobi Convention Secretariat, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA) is organizing a workshop on Coral Reefs and Climate Change in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) to be held on 8 and 9 April 2011 at UNEP headquarters, Nairobi Kenya.

The objective of this regional workshop is to review the state of knowledge on the Climate Change effects on coral reefs in the Western Indian Ocean region with a view to identifying the areas that have the best environmental conditions to allow them to survive climate change.

This information will be an important prerequisite for countries reviewing their priority areas for conservation action and establishing Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and networks of MPAs. As this is the first activity of the EA Coral Reef Task Force (CRTF) the meeting will also be used to discuss mechanisms for rejuvenation and the future growth of the CRTF.

Figure 1. Coral reef susceptibility map and locations of surveyed sites
(modified from Maina et al 2008)

Click to view the table of Coral reef survey sites in the WIO Region

This workshop is the first of two meetings that are part of a project “Developing an implementation strategy to prepare the management and conservation of coral reefs in the western Indian Ocean from climate change’ funded by the World Bank and implemented by the Wildlife Conservation Society in collaboration with the Nairobi Convention and the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association.

The project aims to support the nations of the WIO in prioritizing their coral reef management interventions to meet the challenges of climate change. This will be done by providing a scientific basis for the development of a regional strategy for coral reefs and climate change that takes into consideration climate impacts as well as social adaptive capacity that will ultimately contribute to the development of a draft strategy for the prioritization of conservation and management interventions for coral reefs in the WIO.

Workshop agenda
The workshop will bring together experts including the Focal Points of the Nairobi Convention, members of the Coral Reef Task Forces of WIO nations, scientists and representatives of regional organizations involved in the conservation and management of coral reefs. Participants are expected to have knowledge of and contribute to discussions about the key coral reef management activities in their nations, gaps in knowledge, current and proposed MPAs and fisheries interventions and climate change policies in relation to coral reefs.



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