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Nairobi Convention Meetings
Pestana Rovuma Hotel
Maputo, Mozambique

Regional Capacity Building Workshop on the Regular Process for the Western Indian Ocean region on 1 - 3 August, 2012;

The Seventh Meeting of the Ad hoc Legal and Technical Working Group on ICZM Protocol to the Nairobi Convention (LTWG7) on 6 - 8 August, 2012;

World Heritage Focal Points Meeting (date to be determined)

Meeting of Focal Points to the Nairobi Convention on 9 August 2012; and

Meeting of the Consortium for Conservation of Coastal and Marine Ecosystems in Western Indian Ocean” (WIO-C) on 10 August 2012


The Nairobi Convention Secretariat in partnership with the Government of Mozambique are pleased to welcome you to the following five back to back meetings that will be held at the Pestana Rovuma Hotel, Maputo, Mozambique:

1. Capacity Building workshop under the UN Regular Process for global reporting and assessment of the state of the marine environment, including socio-economic aspects on 1-3 August 2012;

2. The Seventh Meeting of the Ad hoc Legal and Technical Working Group on ICZM protocol to the Nairobi Convention (LTWG7) on 6-8 August 2012;

3. UNESCO-World Heritage Centre Focal Points Meeting on 8 August 2012;

4. Joint Meeting of Focal Points to the Nairobi Convention and UNESCO World Heritage Centre focal points meeting on 9 August 2012; and

5. Consortium for the conservation of coastal and marine ecosystems in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO-C) Meeting on 10 August 2012.

This information document provides details related to conference venue, transport, hotel reservations and documentations. The delegates are kindly requested to take note of the same.

1. Venue of Meetings
All mentioned meetings will be held at Pestana Rovuma Hotel and Conference Centre, Maputo, Mozambique, Mozambique

2. Hotel Reservations
The organizers have made a block booking for all invited delegates at Pestana Rovuma Hotel and Conference Centre, Maputo, Mozambique. A preferential rate has been agreed with the hotel at US$.126 per night for bed and breakfast

The hotel contact is;
Adelaide Cossa
Secretária DGO (Mozambique and South Africa)
Rua da Sé – 114 Maputo, Mozambique
Tel: +258 21 305000
Fax: +258 21 305305
E-mail: Adelaide.cossa@pestana.com
Website: www.pestana.com

To ensure accommodation and other logistics are properly reserved, self sponsored participants are requested to send to us their complete travel itinerary i.e. arrival/departure date, time and airline by 26 August 2012; to Ms. Hellen Ojiambo on E-mail: Hellen.Ojiambo@unep.org

3. Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA)
DSA will be paid in Maputo in the course of the meetings.

4. Local transfers
Airport transfers have been arranged for confirmed delegates at a rate of US $20 per person. The service provider will be at the Arrivals lobby holding placard labeled “UNEP Nairobi Convention” Participants are expected to settle their bills directly with the service provider.

5. Registration of delegates
Delegates will are required to register at the Registration Desk within the hotel.

6. Badges
Identity badges will be issued to all participants upon registration.

7. Documentation
Meeting documents have been distributed to the delegates via email. The documents will also be available at the Nairobi Convention website at http://www.unep.org/NairobiConvention/.

8. Internet Café, Wi-fi
Internet access will be available at the hotel at a cost.

9. Time Zone
Standard Time Zone for Mozambique is GMT + 0200 hours

10. Visas
The Government of Mozambique is currently processing a visa letter to be used by participants attending the above mentioned meeting, for visa processing upon arrival in Maputo. The letter will also be forwarded to the National Immigration Authorities to easily facilitate visa processing for all participants. Kindly note that you will need approximately USD. 50 to process your visa upon arrival in Maputo.

11. Weather
Maputo weather in August is between high temperature 27oC low of 16oC

12. Official Language
The official language of Mozambique is Portuguese but English is widely spoken in Maputo.

13. Currency.
The official currency of Mozambique is Mozambique Metical (MTR). The current exchange rate is approximately MTR 28 to the US dollar.

For further information regarding the logistical arrangements, please contact;

Engº Alexandre Paulo M. Bartolomeu
Departamento de Gestão Costeira (DGC) / Direcção Nacional de Gestão Ambiental (DNGA) / Ministério para a Coordenação da Acção Ambiental (MICOA)
Av. Acordos de Lusaka, 2115 - CP nº 2020/MAPUTO - República de Moçambique
Cell: (+258) 82 - 90 76 149/ Email: apmb24@yahoo.com.br


Hellen Ojiambo
Nairobi Convention Secretariat
Division of Environmental Policy Implementation
United Nations Environment Programme
P.O Box 30552 – 00100
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 20 762 1250
E-mail: hellen.ojiambo@unep.org

Ms. Janet Opati
Freshwater & Marine Ecosystems Branch
Division of Environmental Policy Implementation
United Nations Environment Programme
P.O Box 30552 - 00100
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 20 762 4732
E-mail: janet.opati@unep.org

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