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Climate champion Mexico's President Caldero n has made clear his ambition to make Mexico a world leader on climate action during the last meeting in Cancun and has been active in promoting the Green Economy, particularly in his work with forests.


Russian scientist Dr. Olga Spera nskaya has been garnering headlines worldwide for her work to reduce the harmful impact of toxic chemicals in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia and was the winner of the prestigious Goldman Prize in 2009 for her work in identifying and eliminating the Soviet legacy of toxic chemicals in the environment.


Angélique Kidjo, from Benin has a voice loved by thousands of fans around the world. The singer-songwriter is also a powerful voice for humanitarian and environmental change. Described by Time Magazine as "Africa's Premier Diva", Kidjo uses her celebrity status to speak out in support of a number of important causes, particularly girls' education and sustainable development.


Zhang Yue - Chairman and Founder. "Responsibility is more important than growth", runs one of the company mottos of China's BROAD Group. With a degree in fine arts, Zhang Yue has put his creative powers to work and is now focusing on sustainable buildings worldwide with energy efficiency five times that of conventional buildings.


Louis Palmer of Switzerland provides a green twist on Jules Vernes' famous voyage. The adventurer successfully led a fleet of electric vehicles around the world last year. The "Zero Race" teams crossed the globe in eighty days, highlighting two of the major environmental challenges facing the world today - the need for more sustainable transport and cleaner energy supplies.