UNEP-SBCI 2014 Symposium
13 May 2014
Quebec City, Canada

UNEP-SBCI held its 2014 Annual Meeting and symposium in Quebec City, 12-13 May. The annual meeting was held in parallel of the 10th Anniversary of the Quebec Section of Canada Green Building Council.

Session 1: Technical Session – Carbon/Energy/Resource Efficiency accounting metrics

Session 2: Technical Session – Demonstrating the Potential in the Building Sector

Special Addresses


25-26 November,   Paris, France

UNEP-SBCI will hold its 2013 Fall Symposium, ‘Global Action towards Resource Efficiency and Climate Mitigation in the Building Sector’

Session 1: Creating a Resource Efficient Building Sector

Session 2: Greening the Building Sector

Session 3 : 10 Year Framework of Programmes- A Programme on Sustainable Buildings and Construction

Session 4 : Resource Efficient Cities- Integrating Buildings and Cities

Session 5 : The Challenges of Implementing Energy Efficiency in the Building Sector

Session 6 : Energy Efficiency- Developing Policies for Better Performance

2013 AGM and Sympsosium