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Releasing the Pressure
Comprehensive Options Assessment
Healthy waters for
sustainable development
Integrated Water Resources Management
Planning Approach for Small Island Developing States
blue harvest
Africa Water Atlas
Rain Water Harvesting

    » Handbook Rain Water Harvesting for the Carribean

    » National Symposium Workshop Report

    » Rain Water Harvesting map series

    » Rain Water Harvesting technical brochure

     » Rain Water Harvesting technical sheets

Clearing the Waters: A focus on Water Quality Solutions

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Políticas y Sistemas de Incentivos para
el Fomento y Adopción de Buenas
Prácticas Agrícolas Como Una medida
de Adaptación al Cambio Climático en
América Central.
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Rehabilitating Lake Faguibine
Project Fact Sheet
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Improving water governance and
management in Western Africa
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Africa’s lakes - Atlas of our changing environment
Ecosystem Management Case Studies
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Quality Matters as Much as Quantity
Courtesy Asian Water Magazine,
July-August 2009,
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The Critical Connection: Water Security and Ecosystem Services
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Rainwater harvesting: a lifeline for human
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Africa's Lakes Atlas of Our changing Environment
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A Survey of Methods for Analyzing Groundwater Recharge in Arid and Semi-arid Regions
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Ecosystem Management: Some key initiatives by UNEP
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Resource & Guidance Manual for Environmental Impact Assessments
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Ecosystem Management Programme: A new approach to sustainability
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Freshwater Under Threat: South Asia
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From Conflict to Peacebuilding: The Role of Natural Resources and the Environment
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UNEP in Afghanistan: Laying the foundations for sustainable development
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Global Environment Outlook 4 (GEO-4)
Chapter 4 - Water

Trishna and the Dream of Water

Dams and Development
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Challenges to International Waters - Regional Assessments in a Global Perspective
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Ground Water Pollution in Africa
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GEMS Water
Water Quality for Ecosystem
and Human Health
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UNEP-WCMC's World Atlases

UNEP-WCMC's World Atlases contain comprehensive information on the current status of some of the world's unique global ecosystems. The Atlases present a synthesis of the latest research, detailed analyses of geographical distribution and an overview of threats and changes challenging these ecosystems today. These publications are a valuable resource accessible to a broad audience ranging from global travellers and students to scientists and those with an interest in natural history.