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UNEP Transport - Global Fuel Economy Initiative

The GFEI is a collaboration between UNEP, the International Energy Agency, University of California at Davis, (Institute of Transportation Studies), the International Council on Clean Transportation, the International Transport Forum and the FIA Foundation. This initiative promotes the introduction of cleaner, more energy efficient vehicles in developing and transitional countries. While most developed countries have auto fuel efficiency policies in place, very few emerging economies have formally adopted such standards. The objective of the GFEI is to help stabilize greenhouse gas emissions from the global light duty vehicle fleet through a 50 percent improvement of vehicle fuel efficiency worldwide by 2050.

There can be no doubt about the scale of the global challenge of tackling man-made climate change and, in particular, the role played by transport. With a global car fleet predicted to triple by 2050 - over 80% of that in the developing world -- and now, with a global economy facing huge difficulties, we have to find a way to reconcile legitimate aspirations for mobility, an ambitious reduction in CO2 from cars worldwide, and global economic recovery.

The FIA Foundation, IEA, ITF and UNEP have been working in partnership as the Global Fuel Economy Initiative since 2009. The ICCT became a full partner in the Initiative in May 2012.

Global Fuel Economy Initiative

Events & Updates
The Global Fuel Economy Initiative Annual Training and Networking Event to be held on
9 – 10 June 2016, Paris, France
Kenya – National Workshop on Fuel Economy Feebate and Vehicle Labelling programme
12 May 2016 Nairobi, Kenya
Workshop to Promote Clean Fuels and More Energy Efficient Vehicles
18th-19th of February 2016
APEC Energy Working Group Releases Review of Thailand's Energy Efficiency Policies in Transport
2nd February 2016
FYR Macedonia continues strides on auto fuel economy policy
10 December 2015. Macedonia
Fuel economy policies development in Sri Lanka
2-4 December, Sri Lanka
Montenegro national launch of the Global Fuel Economy Initiative (GFEI)
20 November,Podgorica, Montenegro
CEGESTI presents report on CO2 emissions and fuel economy on new imported light duty vehicles from 2008-2014 in Costa Rica.
September 22, 2015, San José, Costa Rica.
Jamaica Launches Global Fuel Economy Initiative  National Project
July 28, 2015
Global Fuel Economy Initiative
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GFEI Auto Tool
GFEI Policy Progress
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GFEI - Autotool

The GFEI supports a number of countries in their attempts to develop fuel economy policies through the GFEI toolkit, which gathers best practice in fuel economy in an accessible form.

GFEI - Autotool

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