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East Africa implements low sulphur fuels

The East African region is set to move to low sulphur fuels by the end of this year – 50 ppm diesel and 150 ppm petrol. Tanzania has already started to implement these regionally harmonized standards that were legislated in December 2013. Uganda is also expected to implement the standards before the end of the year - in June 2014. With Kenya’s switch to low sulphur fuels at the end of the year, Rwanda and Burundi that import fuels through Kenya, are expected to follow. The move to low sulphur fuels by the region is mainly as a result of PCFV and CCAC support to implement cleaner fuels as a first step towards lowering emissions from the transport sector.

Through PCFV support, the region has moved from as high as 10,000 ppm diesel fuels to 500 ppm in 2010 and now to 50 ppm. The PCFV has in the past supported sub-regional workshops, media sensitization campaigns and national events in Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Tanzania.

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