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Roundtable on Vehicle Emissions, Fuel Quality Standards and Fuel Economy Policies in Kazakhstan

From the right, Mr. Bektas Mukhamedjanov, Vice-Minister of Environment and Water Resources of Kazakhstan, Dr. Iskandar Abdullaev, Executive Director of CAREC, Mr. Alisher Argimbayev, Representative from the Ministry of Oil and Gas of Kazakhstan, and Ms. Kuralay Karibayeva, Institute of Ecology and Sustainable Development

UNEP and the Regional Environment Center for Central Asia (CAREC) organized a roundtable in Almaty, Kazakhstan on 21 Feb 2014 to assess vehicle emissions, fuel quality and fuel economy policies in Kazakhstan and to recommend concrete steps to develop roadmaps for stricter fuel quality and vehicle emission standards and as well as develop fuel economy policies. This activity is part of the project of UNEP and CAREC to develop an “Overview of vehicle emissions, fuel quality, and fuel economy policies in Kazakhstan and Central Asia”, and which will become the basis for following up on developing and implementing relevant policies and standards.

Vehicle emissions, fuel quality standards and fuel economy policies in Kazakhstan - Stocktaking analytical report [English] [Russian]


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