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Serbia gets the sulfur out and moves to 10ppm

Since 2005, the PCFV has supported countries in Southeast Europe with the technical expertise, access to global and regional networks, and funding resources needed to adopt low sulfur diesel and petrol standards. Together with the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (the REC), we can now confirm that Serbia has successfully transitioned to low sulfur 10 ppm fuels as of July 2013. Low sulfur fuels significantly lower particulate matter emissions, a known human carcinogen, from internal combustion engines.

Serbia's considerable refinery investments over the past few years have now paid dividends in cleaner fuels which will be used nationally and also exported regionally, contributing to improved air quality for millions of people. Serbia is among the latest countries in Europe to adopt cleaner auto fuel standards; for more information on progress and plans you can follow regional developments here.

Serbia is now fully in line with EU requirements for lead, aromatics, benzene (for petrol) and sulfur (for both petrol and diesel). This latest development on fuel quality in the region is a product of regional cooperation through the Southeast European Regional Clean Fuels and Vehicles Network, supported by the PCFV with financing from the European Union, the USEPA and the FIA Foundation. Serbia's pump-level fuel quality was confirmed with support from Ice Rikalovski of the Macedonian OKTA refinery, who designed the fuel quality sampling methodology used to independently confirm fuel quality in Serbia's achievement. Laboratory support was provided through the REC's Regional Proficiency Testing Scheme with laboratories in the Western Balkans.

A regional workshop to discuss wider sampling in the region will be organized in the first half of November 2013 in Belgrade. For additional details, please contact UNEP Transport Unit regional focal point Elisa Dumitrescu

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