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About PCFV

Partnership For Clean Fuels and Vehicles - Partnership Brochure 

A report of the Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles

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Partnership For Clean Fuels and Vehicles - Evaluation Report

Outcome and Influence Evaluation of the UNEP Based Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles(PCFV), report by UNEP’s Evaluation Office

[Summary Report]
[Full Report]


US EPA Evaluation Report on the PCFV

United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) initiated a third-party evaluation to identify and examine lessons from the PCFV Global Lead Campaign, which supported the phase-out of leaded petrol in over 100 countries since 2002

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Lead Publications

Global Elimination of Leaded Petrol - Partnership Brochure 

A report by the Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles
(PCFV) on global elimination of leaded petrol

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  Recommended Practices for the Decommissioning, Dismantling and Disposal of lead Alkyl Compound Facilities and Equipment

[Full Report {English} {French}] [A summary report]

Valve Seat Recession Working Group Report (VSR) (released May 2004) 

[VSR Report] [A summary Report]



"Global Benefits from the Phaseout of Leaded Fuel", Journal of Environmental Health

The study described in this article by Hatfield & Tsai assessed the global benefits from the phaseout of leaded fuel.

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Sulphur Publications

Opening the Door to Cleaner Vehicles in Developing and Transition Countries:The Role of Lower Sulphur Fuels 

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Publications on Vehicles

Hybrid Electric Vehicles: An overview of current technology and its application in developing and transitional countries 

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Cleaning Up Urban Bus Fleets: With a focus on developing and transition countries 

With a focus on developing and transition countries

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Cost and benefits of clean technologies for bus rapid transit (BRT)
Summary of results for [Addis Ababa] [Nairobi] [Kampala]


Managing 2&3 Wheelers in Asia

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Cleaner Motorcycles
Promoting the use of four-stroke engines

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UNEP-PCFV Regulatory Toolkit



How to Clean Up your fleet, Interactive CD for Clean Fleet Management 

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In Focus

Regulatory Toolkit


Clean Fleet Toolkit