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UNEP Brazil Office

The establishment of a UNEP Office in April 2004 in Brasilia is part of a decentralization strategy aimed to respond more effectively to environmental priorities at national and sub-national levels and to assist in building capacities to address emerging issues, new development challenges and to contribute to combat poverty.

During its first years of operation, the Brazilian Office has focused its activities on the following areas:

  • Promotion of policy dialogue among environment authorities and civil society on the identification of key environmental issues, on the development of sound environmental policies and management tools, providing technical inputs, sharing information and providing support for their implementation;
  • Assessment of the state of Brazilian biomes and ecosystems, evaluating current conditions, pressures, trends and challenges, reviewing effectiveness of management tools and policy responses for the preservation and sustainable use of natural resources;
  • Identification of local capacities and development of adequate alternatives for introducing sustainable patterns of production and consumption; methodologies for preparedness and prevention of environmental emergencies and for anticipating possible negative impacts on the environment of productive processes and industrial developments;
  • Technical advice and sharing of information on the requirements for coping with multilateral environmental agreements, specially to those concerning biodiversity, biosafety, climate change, desertification and management of chemical substances;
  • Fostering partnerships among key actors of private and financial sectors, envisaging the creation of a shared culture of environmental responsibility and sustainable financing; and
  • Promoting integrated actions, coordination and facilitating the exchange of experiences between neighboring countries of the Amazon and Southern Cone sub-regions within the framework of sub-regional integration agreements and environment protocols.

To enhance its outreach and convert actions into concrete results, UNEP Brazil works with a wide range of partners, including government institutions, non-governmental organizations, private and academic sectors as well as bilateral and multilateral agencies. The Brazil Office acts as a broker for mobilizing technical assistance from UNEP Divisions based in Nairobi as well as other outposted offices in Panama, Paris, Geneva, Cambridge, etc.

UNEP Brazil Office is a sub-office of the Regional Office for Latin America (ROLAC) and has its website at in which daily clippings, information and other relevant documents in Portuguese are available.

For further information please contact:

Ms. Denise Hamú

UN House, 
Sérgio Viera de Mello Complex Setor de Embaixadas Norte,
Quadra 802,
Conjunto C,
Lote 17 CEP 70800-400,

Tel:+55 61 3038 9233
Fax: +55 61 3038 9239

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