About Our Funding


The Funding Gap

The Environment Fund budget shift (requested by the Governing Council in decision GC.27/13) from earmarked funding towards Environment Fund has created a funding gap of US $15 million in 2014 and US $40 million in 2015 as compared to the Environment Fund budget for 2013. To close this gap, Member States are invited to consider their individual level of support to UNEP and encourage the other Member States to do the same.

As part of these efforts:

  • Traditional donors can strengthen their collaboration both in terms of sustained and increased funding, where possible, and advocacy in support for engaging more governments to share funding responsibilities.
  • Where the global role and ability to contribute of some countries with economies in transition and emerging economies are not fully reflected in the current funding patterns, such Member States could consider funding levels that are more commensurate with both their place in the world economy and global environment, and their growing interest in environmental sustainability and sustainable development
  • The Secretariat prepares on a biennial basis an updated a voluntary indicative scale of assessments (VISC), in accordance with relevant Governing Council decisions as a reference for most Member States’ in considering their commitment to the EF.
  • Member States and the Secretariat jointly develop country by country funding strategies that support an active follow-up to the Rio SSAIFR commitment. The purpose of these strategies is to enable timely and relevant engagement with Member States. Their refinement and execution will be a continuous exercise throughout the year.
  • The Secretariat will reach out to those Member States that are not represented in Nairobi, through UNEP’s regional offices