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Committee of Permanent Representatives

The Committee of Permanent Representatives (CPR) is composed of all accredited Permanent Representatives to UNEP and was formally established as a subsidiary organ of the Governing Council (now the United Nations Environment Assembly) in May 1985 by Governing Council Decision 13/2. 

At the first universal session of the Governing Council held in February 2013, CPR became the subsidiary inter-session body of the UNEP’s governing body with the mandate to perform the following functions (GC Decision 27/2).

  • Contribute to the preparation of the agenda of its governing body;
  • Provide advice to its governing body on policy matters;
  • Prepare decisions for adoption by its governing body and oversee their implementation; Convene thematic and/or programmatic debates;
  • Promote effective ways and means to facilitate participation of the non-resident members of the Committee, particularly from developing countries;
  • Perform any other functions delegated to it by its governing body.

CPR has a five-member bureau, elected for a period of two years taking into account the principles of rotation and equitable geographical representation.  The current bureau concludes its term in June 2016:


H.E. Mr. Sunu M. Soemarno (Indonesia)

Vice Chairs

H.E. Ms. Roxane de Bilderling (Belgium)
Ambassador and Permanent Representative

H.E. Ms. Julia Pataki (Romania)
Ambassador and Permanent Representative

H.E. Ms. Rosemary Semafumu-Mukasa (Uganda)
Deputy High Commissioner and Deputy Permanent Representative


H.E. Mr. Konrad Paulsen Rivas (Chile)
Ambassador and Permanent Representative

Secretariat of Governing Bodies