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Committee of Permanent Representatives

Composed of all accredited Permanent Representatives to UNEP, the Committee of Permanent Representatives (CPR) was formally established as a subsidiary organ of the GC in 1997 through Governing Council Decision 19/32.  This was in accordance with Rule 62 of the Rules of Procedure of the Governing Council, which enables the Governing Council to establish subsidiary organs as may be necessary for the effective discharge of its functions.

At the first universal session of the Governing Council held in February 2013, CPR became the subsidiary inter-session body of the UNEP’s governing body with the mandate to perform the following functions (GC Decision 27/2):

  • Contribute to the preparation of the agenda of its governing body;
  • Provide advice to its governing body on policy matters;
  • Prepare decisions for adoption by its governing body and oversee their implementation; Convene thematic and/or programmatic debates;
  • Promote effective ways and means to facilitate participation of the non-resident members of the Committee, particularly from developing countries;
  • Perform any other functions delegated to it by its governing body.
CPR has a five-member bureau, elected for a period of two years taking into account the principles of rotation and equitable geographical representation.  The current bureau concludes its term in June 2016:


H.E. Mr. Sunu M. Soemarno (Indonesia)

Vice Chairs

H.E. Mr. Bart Ouvry (Belgium)
Ambassador and Permanent Representative 

H.E. Ms. Julia Pataki (Romania- Acting Chair)
Ambassador and Permanent Representative

Ms. Rosemary Semafumu-Mukasa (Uganda)
Deputy High Commissioner and Deputy Permanent Representative


H.E. Mr. Konrad Paulsen Rivas (Chile)
Ambassador and Permanent Representative

Secretariat of Governing Bodies