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Luo Hong

Mr. Luo Hong, a generous contributor to the work of UNEP and the environment in general, has been working as a photographer since 1985. He specializes in nature photography, and has travelled China's western provinces extensively to capture the diverse scenery and ambience of that part of his country. In 2001 he travelled to Africa for the first time to photograph the wildlife of the continent. During that trip his interest in the animals and the natural environment was heightened and he has returned several times to further his work.

Mr. Luo Hong has travelled widely and his work has been published in a number of collections and catalogues. He has exhibited in the Beijing Underground, at Shenyang's World Horticulturist International Fair, and his work will be shown at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

Mr. Hong is quoted saying: "I firmly believe that the earth is the only home for human beings, and, that the animals are our best friends. We can only make the earth more beautiful if we all live in harmony".

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