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Sebastian Copeland

"Sebastian Copeland's stunning photographs are a stark reminder of what we stand to lose. He has ventured to the bottom of the world and returned with a message that we cannot afford to ignore." Sting

The fate of Antarctica foretells the fate of the Earth. For more than fifty years, research scientists have studied the frozen continent and its threatened and endangered creatures, including the chinstrap penguins, humpback whales and albatross. The stark yet fragile icy realm may sound our last warning before the impending destruction of the environment.

Sebastian Copeland, an award-winning photographer, lecturer and environmental activist, witnessed the accelerated devastation of the Antarctic ice shelf while aboard the research vessel The Ice Lady Patagonia. His journey was taken on behalf of Global Green—international NGO founded by Mikhail Gorbachev in 1993 that is devoted to preserving the environment. Copeland captured both the awesome beauty of Antarctica and documented signs of the alarming changes that the continent is undergoing. In Antarctica: The Global Warning he presents these images of otherworldly glaciers, fields and fjords, and also photographic evidence of the massive inroads that climate change has already made on the continent. more

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The Global Warning

©Sebastian Copeland

©Sebastian Copeland