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Envisioning Change: Melting Ice / A Hot Topic

Robert Bateman, United States

Lucy & Jorge Orta, England and Argentina

David Buckland & the Cape Farewell Project, England

Nobel Peace Center
Oslo, Norway
5 June – 20 August 2007

For World Environment Day 2007, the Natural World Museum in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme will produce an exhibition that addresses the theme of Climate Change from a global perspective - the melting and thawing of ice, snow and permafrost are environment-altering changes taking place around the world- from the Andes to the Himalayas to the melting ice caps of the Poles.

"Change" the transition that occurs from same to different, the moment of transformation, a change of position or action. Change used in reference to our environment can describe the transformation of material substance -- from ice to water, liquid to gas - the changing conditions of our rivers, our rapidly melting glaciers,, and the overall changes in the earth's climate. Change requires organisms and organizations alike to adapt to new environmental conditions.

Metaphorically, change can also refer to the transformation of society's mindset to act in a positive way individually and collectively to work toward a more sustainable future.

Preview exhibition

Press Release:
USA & Monaco: Melting Ice / A Hot Topic: Envisioning Change exhibition
Envisioning Change: Melting Ice – A Hot Topic exhibit at Nobel Peace Center is highlight of UN World Environment Day Activities in Norwegian Capital on 5 June

Photos - Opening ceremony

Press Release: The Worlds of Art, Peace, Politics & Environment UniteAutodesk
to Present a Global Exhibition on Climate Change

Nobel Peace Center