Recent Publications

  • Biofuels Vital Graphics: Powering a Green Economy

    Biofuels Vital Graphics: Powering a Green Economy
    Through infographics, the publication creatively illustrates the opportunities that biofuels can provide as well as the risks that need to be mitigated.
    Summary (en) | e-book

  • The Bioenergy and Water Nexus
    Bioenergy and water are inextricably linked. For the first time, this report examines in depth these inter-linkages, highlights the risks and opportunities, and offers an outlook on ways to address them. It provides policymakers with scientific information to support informed strategies and policies.
    Summary (en) | Full Report (en)

  • UN-Energy: Decision Support Tool for Sustainable Bioenergy
    Targeted to decision makers to assist them in developing robust bioenergy policy and strategy, it summaries key issues and approaches to provide an entry point to the full material collection, which provides further detail, includes case studies, a set of guiding questions and reference to existing tools.
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  • Mapping: Agro-environmental potential of biofuel production in Senegal
    This mapping study was conducted to provide the Government of Senegal with a comprehensive map showing the potentials of different biofuels in the country in an effort to help the country in its sustainable land-use planning efforts.
    Full Report (fr)

  • Biofuel, conservation and food crops in Uganda - An assessment of land resources for biofuel feedstock suitability
    Developed with GRID ARENDAL, this interactive map presents the results from a study that was conducted under the framework of the National Environment Information Network with a major objective of assessing the land resources suitable for production of bio-fuels and identifying relevant policy options that seek to integrate biofuel feedstock production into the land use planning process.

  • Towards Sustainable Production and Use of Resources: Assessing Biofuels
    The International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management’s (IPSRM) first assessment report is the result of an extensive literature examination and a thorough review process, involving a number of experts, to provide a robust assessment of key problems of production and use of biomass for energy purposes and options for more efficient and sustainable production and use of biomass.
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