As one of the Coalition’s founding members, Canada is actively engaged in many aspects of the Coalition’s work. 

Canada currently serves on the Steering Committee and also participates in several of the CCAC’s initiatives, including as a co-lead on the initiative to reduce methane and other short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) from the municipal solid waste sector. Canada is also involved in other initiatives to reduce HFCs, black carbon from diesel engines, and SLCP emissions from oil and natural gas production. 

Domestically, many of Canada’s existing and forthcoming measures to address climate change and air pollution have reduced or will reduce SLCPs.  These include a number of vehicle and fuel standards; planned regulations to reduce air pollution from the marine and rail sectors; and coal-fired electricity regulations finalized in September 2012.  In the oil and gas sector, methane and black carbon emissions have been reduced thanks to venting and flaring initiatives in key producing provinces.

To further support the Coalition’s efforts, the Government of Canada is delivering financial support including $3 million to the Trust Fund and an additional $7 million for projects that support the long-term mitigation of SLCPs in developing countries. This support is part of Canada’s commitment to $1.2 billion in new and additional fast-start climate change financing.

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