ClimateWorks Foundation

ClimateWorks Foundation (CWF) supports public policies that prevent dangerous climate change and promote global prosperity.  CWF funds and oversees a network of 13 member organizations including regional climate foundations in the US, Europe, China, India and Latin America, plus best practice centers that focus on individual sectors (e.g., forests, appliances, clean transportation). 

SLCPs are part of CWF $150 million per year grant portfolio and represent approximately $5 million in annual investments.  Our technical work addresses SLCP emission inventories, abatement technology cost curves, co-benefit calculation methodologies, and a small degree of regional modeling.  Our mitigation work focuses on diesel engines of all kinds, diesel fuels, marine vessels, brick kilns, coke ovens, other small combustion sources, methane emissions from natural gas production, and F-gases from vehicles, residential and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning and various industrial uses.  We also work on general air quality management reform linked to fine particle controls to achieve black carbon reductions over the longer term.  The latter work is concentrated in China and Europe, with more modest engagement in India and Latin America. 

CWF hosts an annual, mid-year, “Non-CO2 Summit” with other funders, grantees and leading experts to evaluate on-going progress and adjust our SLCP reduction strategies in real time.  CWF also convenes several sector-specific working groups to track and respond to regulatory and policy developments.

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