Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development

The Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development’s (IGSD) mission is to promote just and sustainable societies and to protect the environment by advancing the understanding, development, and implementation of effective, accountable and democratic systems of governance for sustainable development.

Beginning in 2005, the Institute embarked on a “fast-action” climate mitigation campaign to promote strategies that will result in significant reductions of emissions, temperature, and impacts in the near-term, focusing primarily on strategies to reduce non-CO2 climate pollutants, to complement cuts in CO2.

IGSD’s over-arching, multi-venue approach to fast-action climate mitigation is presented in a 2009 article by Molina, Zaelke, Sarma, Andersen, Ramanathan & Kaniaru, Reducing abrupt climate change risk using the Montreal Protocol and other regulatory actions to complement cuts in CO2 emissions in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  The HFC part of this approach was further elaborated in a November 2012 article by Zaelke, Andersen & Borgford-Parnell, Strengthening Ambition for Climate Mitigation: The Role of the Montreal Protocol in Reducing Short-lived Climate Pollutants, in the Review of European Community & International Environmental Law.

IGSD’s fast-action strategies can be started in two to three years, substantially implemented in five years in developed countries, and ten years in developing countries, and can produce a response in the climate system on a timescale of decades, to complement cuts in CO2, which operate on a longer timescale.  They also include measures to capture, reuse, and / or store CO2 after it is emitted, including biosequestration and strategies to turn biomass into more stable forms of carbon for long-term storage.

In 2012, IGSD was elected to serve as the NGO representative on the Coalition's Steering Committee.

More Information

CCAC Mid-term Review Survey

Since its launch with six country partners and UNEP in 2012, the Climate and Clean Air Coalition to Reduce Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (CCAC) has grown rapidly to now encompass 46 state partners and 54 non-state partners by January 2015. In order to help formulating a common vision and strategy to scale up actions locally and globally the Coalition is undertaking a small-scale midterm review between January and April 2015. The results of the review will inform the development of the five-year strategic plan for the Coalition, 2016-2020.

Included in the methodology of this mid-term review is an online survey addressed to all Coalition Partners, CCAC actors, initiative implementers and other stakeholders outside the Coalition. The survey is open until 5 FEBRUARY 2015, and all answers are anonymous.

We welcome you to take the next few minutes to submit your answers by clicking on any of the links to the right. You may take the survey in either English or French.