International Cryosphere Climate Initiative

The International Cryosphere Climate Initiative (ICCI) works to highlight the urgent climate needs of regions of the world covered by ice and snow – the cryosphere – including the Arctic, Antarctica, Himalayas, Andes, Rockies and other mountain regions.  Climate change is happening here twice as fast as anywhere else on earth. 

These unprecedentedly rapid changes have global import, including sea level rise; flooding; global loss of albedo (reflectivity); and potentially catastrophic releases of permafrost methane.

ICCI is a network of senior policy experts and researchers working with governments, academia and NGOs to create, shape and implement new initiatives designed to preserve as much of the Earth’s cryosphere as possible. 

It brings to the urgent attention of the world community the rapid changes taking place in the cryosphere; emphasizes the need for more rapid CO2 reductions in concert with reductions in shorter-lived climate pollutants; develops innovative, cryosphere-appropriate climate policies and programs for slowing warming in the near-term; and serves as a networking link between organizations both large and small, regional as well as global, governmental as well as private; all working locally as well as globally to preserve these most fragile regions of the globe.