United Nations Development Programme

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) strives to work together with the Coalition partners to achieve sustainable human development benefits from the efforts to reduce short-lived climate pollutants. UNDP’s contribution to the Coalition focuses on reducing the negative impacts of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) on climate and energy use.

UNDP continues to leverage its presence on the ground in 57 countries where UNDP is currently implementing 204 projects and programmes for phasing out Ozone Depleting Substances under the Montreal Protocol and partnering with countries to identify and implement technology solutions and policy measures that benefit both ozone and climate.

UNDP is also currently implementing demonstration projects showcasing safe and energy-efficient technologies with low global warming potential in the air conditioning, refrigeration and foams sectors in India, Indonesia and Malaysia, under a bilateral programme with the USA. The selection of the region and countries reflect their potential to serve as a platform for future adoption of alternative technologies and scale-up by industry internationally.

UNDP is also assisting Bangladesh, Colombia, Ghana and Indonesia in carrying out HFC inventories in their respective countries, to assess the market penetration of HFCs, future growth trends and options for reducing and mitigating their use.  

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