2009 Laureates

Entrepreneurial Vision

Mr. Tulsi Tanti
Suzlon Energy

Suzlon Energy is the fifth largest wind turbine manufacturer in the world and the largest in Asia. The company is presently building what will be among the world’s largest wind parks of its kind at 1,000 MW capacity. It is currently concentrating on a global expansion drive with the recent acquisition of a Belgian maker of wind turbine gearboxes (Hansen Transmissions) and a major German wind turbine producer in Germany (Repower) in 2007.

Chairman and Managing Director, Tulsi Tanti, is credited for advocating “green business is good business.” The company explored wind energy in the late 90s as an alternative to costly and erratic electricity supply to its textile business. Realizing that wind was not just the answer to Suzlon’s energy needs but could also fuel the growth of other industries, the company sold off its textile manufacturing and entered the relatively new field of wind turbine generators. Tanti believes that wind is the energy of the future and Suzlon intends to help launch this industry into the mainstream.

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Janez Potocnik, Slovenia
Champion of the Earth 2013 - Policy Leadership

Unless we change the way we produce and consume we will face a crisis in our natural resources. It is crucial that we make the necessary changes now rather than when we hit environmental tipping points.

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