Guangdong Wealth Environmental Protection

Guangdong Wealth Environmental Protection is a leading supplier of water purifying products and water treatment integrated solutions in China. It is the largest manufacturer and seller of high quality calcium aluminate powder and water purifying agent in China using advanced technology.

Guangdong Wealth has signed up with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) as a corporate partner for the Champions of the Earth Award.

The company practices a business model that puts social welfare before economic interests. Their development concept “let the sky be bluer and the water clearer” supports UNEP’s goals of maintaining, if not improving, the health of our natural resources. The company invests in environmental scholarships for young university students, organizes clean-up operations, and donates tonnes of purifying tablets to clean up sections of polluted rivers in Guangdong and Beijing.

As the corporate partner for the Champions of the Earth Award, Guangdong Wealth aims to grow its positive environmental impact by promoting environmental awareness worldwide.


Janez Potocnik, Slovenia
Champion of the Earth 2013 - Policy Leadership

Unless we change the way we produce and consume we will face a crisis in our natural resources. It is crucial that we make the necessary changes now rather than when we hit environmental tipping points.

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