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Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint


Legislation & Regulation - Priority Action Activities

  • Exchanging information on national, provincial, state and local regulations and legislation on lead concentrations in paints permitted in various countries
  • Developing guidelines for establishing national legal instruments to prohibit the manufacture and use of lead paint.
  • Providing guidance for and information on effective enforcement of national standards including how to avoid smuggling of lead paint
  • Building the legal enforcement capacity of environmental, health, occupational safety, customs and trade officers and other relevant officials in ministries and local authorities to address the manufacture, sale, use and distribution of lead paint.
  • Providing international support to developing countries by devising methods to enact comprehensive legislation to ban the sale and use of lead in paint completely.
  • Exchanging information and providing international support to strengthen and harmonize existing legislation that focuses on protecting public health in relation to the phase-out of lead paint.
  • Building capacity and providing information and knowlege to help officials in agencies /ministries to test for lead paint.
  • Exchanging information to promote general public awareness of the hazards of lead paint

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