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Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint


Second Meeting of the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint



The Second meeting of the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint was held
Bangkok, Thailand from 9 to 11 July 2012



The purpose of this second meeting of the Global Alliance is understand current Knowledge about lead in paint, present the business plan for the Global Alliance, promote new developments, catalyse collaborative work, and welcome new and potential contributors to the work of the Global Alliance. The meeting will also provide a forum for discussing the matters that could be brought to the attention of the third session of the International Conference on Chemicals Management when it meets later in the year.

Invitation Letters (only in English), dated 23 April 2012, have been sent to SAICM national focal point, with copies to Permanent Missions in Geneva.


        ITEM 1    Provisional Agenda UNEP(DTIE Chemicals)/ WHO(PHE)/ GAELP/2/1

        ITEM 2    Annotation to the Provisional Agenda

        ITEM 3    The operational framework

        ITEM 4    Introduction to the Global Alliance-

                            Secretariat - UNEP DTIE Chemical Branch (Mr David PIPER)

                            IPEN   (Mr Jack Weinberg) 

                            IPPIC (Mr Petcharat Eksangkul)

        ITEM 5    Review of current work of the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint and Priorities for the futur

                       a) Baseline information on lead paint use and testing

                             Regional Presentation


                            Asia and Pacific

                            Central and Easter Europ ( Serbia)

                            Latin America and Caribbean ( Saint Lucia)

                            Middle East

                        b) Update on focal areas workplan activities

                                AIST, CEPHED, CREPD, Quick Talk LeadTPMA

                                Focal Area Workplan

                                        Bangkok presentation

                                        Health effect

                                        Outreach to Industry July 2012    

                                           Rev GAELP

                        c) The working period between ICCM 3 and ICCM 4


                                    Working group on developing Technical guidline for paint                            



First Meeting of the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paints


Initial organizational meeting of contributors
Geneva, Switzerland
May 26-28, 2010


The initial organizational meeting of contributors took place from 26 to 28 May 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland at the International Environment House.


The proposed objectives for this meetings were to:

  1. Present and discuss the background, overview and Framework of the Global Alliance; and

  2. Develop work plans for the five focal areas of the Global Alliance, i.e. Health Aspects, Environmental Aspects, Legislation and Regulation, Assistance to Industry, and Workers Health.

Please note that the information collected via the Information Form has been analyzed and from this, organizations and individuals were invited to this first organizational/working meeting.