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Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint


Second Meeting of the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint


Meeting Documents

Item 1 - Provisional Agenda: UNEP (DTIE Chemiacls) / WHO (PHE) / GAELP/2/1

        Dowload Final Provisional Agend UNEP WHO GAELP2 in English

            (word) and (pdf)

Item 2 - Annotation to the provisal Agenda

Item 3 - The operational framework

Item 4 - Draft business plan for the GAELP

Item 5 - Information becoming a contributor

Item 6 - Online questionnaire

                (see below in preparation for the meeting)

Item 7 - Information brochure - Chy lead paint is still sans issue

Item 8 - OEWG Progess report on Implementation of resolution 11/4/B

Item 9 - Proposed ICCM3 resolution

Item 10 - List of Participants

In Preparation for the meeting

                    GAELP Questionnaire

                                 to the attention of GOV  Copy of the Email "Requested preparation for UNEP_WHO GAELP meeting-Bangkok"

The URL for the form is and the user name "survey" and password "survey"

                                            Online questionnaire in english in word or in pdf

                                            Online questionaire in spanish in word or in pdf

                                Deadline to complete questionnaire : 22 June 2012


        Information Note GAELP

                    Registration forms should be submitted by all intending particpants

    • Dowload registration form in English