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Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint

GAELP Business Plan Priority Actions for 2012-2013


Priority actions for 2012-2013, drawn from the focal area workplans and not listed  here in any ranked order, will be: 

(a)           Establishing and launching a clearinghouse or data repository for the Global Alliance that contains available advocacy materials, information on lead paint levels, on blood-lead testing and surveillance, and treatment guidelines etc.  (Relevant to focal area on health, environment, outreach to industry and legislation and awareness). An initial focus of the clearinghouse will include those materials needed to support the marking of an international day of action;

(b)           Developing a proposal and obtaining broad support among Governments, clinical and public health professionals and other stakeholders for the marking of an international day of action on prevention of lead poisoning with an initial focus on eliminating lead paint (relevant to focal areas  on health aspects and on environmental aspects); 

(c)           Filling information gaps on the presence or absence of lead paint  on the consumer market in those countries where little or no data are now available; expanding information on lead exposure pathways for vulnerable populations (e.g. children under six years of age, paint users and workers in paint production facilities) associated with different paint categories (e.g. decorative paints; industrial paints; anti-corrosive metal primers; and others) (relevant to all focal areas);

(d)           Developing technical guidelines for paint manufacturers on alternatives to lead compounds used in paints (relevant to focal areas on health aspects, environmental aspects and outreach to industry);

(e)           Developing a framework for the labelling and certification of paints (relevant to focal areas on legislation and regulation and outreach to industry);

(f)            Disseminating a document that presents and discusses the elements of a national regulatory framework for eliminating lead paint (relevant to focal area on legislation and regulation); 

(g)           Contributing expertise about lead paint to the finalization of WHO evidence-based guidelines on the prevention and management of lead exposure, including recommendations concerning the establishment of blood lead screening and surveillance programmes for lead exposures (relevant to all focal areas);

(h)           Engaging additional stakeholders in the work of the Global Alliance, including through the establishment of national alliances to contribute to implementation activities, and obtaining an increased number of financial contributions and to achieve the goals and objectives of the Global Alliance (relevant to all focal areas).

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