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Final review of scientific information on lead


The final review of scientific information on lead, along with its appendix on an overview of existing and future national actions, including legislation, relevant to lead, was presented at the 26th GC/GMEF of UNEP as information document UNEP/GC.26/INF/11/Add.1 .

Lead is a heavy metal that is toxic at very low exposure levels and has acute and chronic effects

on human health. Lead is released by various natural and anthropogenic sources to the atmosphere and to aquatic and terrestrial environments. This scientific review details the chemistry, health and environmental impacts, production and release, as well as prevention and control practices for lead. The review also lists initiatives for preventing lead exposure and indentifies data gaps that exist.

Document will be available in this Lead and Cadmium website as well as at the UNEP GC26's website. An advanced version of the final review of scientific information on lead is available now.


Priorities for Action